Accepted Papers

  1. A Quantum Algorithm for Solving the Traveling Salesman Problem
    Duc Huynh Van, Khanh Bui Doan, Diep Do Ngoc

  2. New Symmetry Peak Processing and GA-based SVM Algorithm for Pedestrian Detection
    Trương Quốc Định, Trương Quốc Bảo

  3. A Simple Algorithm for Finding Fast, Exactly Tiles Intersect with Polygons
    Nam Nguyen Vinh, Nam Nguyen Minh, Bac Le Hoai

  4. A Song – Author Relationship Extractor for Vietnamese news articles
    Hoai-Duc Tuan-Nguyen, Thanh-Quyen Doan-Thi, Mi-Ni Tran-Thi, Bao-Quoc Ho

  5. Robust Dynamic ID-Based Remote Mutual Authentication Scheme
    Toàn Thịnh Trương, Minh Triết Trần, Anh Đức Dương

  6. Stereovision-based Lane Detection and Tracking for Intelligent Vehicles
    Chunzhao Guo, Takayuki Yamabe, Seiichi Mita

  7. Detection of Pornographic Images Using Bag-of-Visual-Words and Arcx4 of Random Multinomial Naive Bayes
    Do Thanh-Nghi

  8. Vehicle Detection for Nighttime Using Monocular IR Camera with Discriminately Trained Mixture of Deformable Part Models
    Hossein Tehrani Nik Nejad, Taiki Kawano, Seiichi Mita